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How Long Does Fencing Last?

How long your fencing will last depends on the type of fencing you have installed at your home or business.  Wood lasts about 14 years while vinyl and chain link is known to last almost a lifetime.

How Deep Do Post Holes Need To Be?

Post holes in residential fencing are generally 18 inches to 2 feet depending on the type of fencing and the location the fencing is being installed.

How Far Apart With Posts Be?

Posts for your fencing are always no more than a maximum of 10 feet apart.  This gives your fencing the support it needs to be durable and safe in all types of weather and conditions.

How Soon Can You Start?

All Pro Fence can start your fence installation in as little as a week after your initial consultation.  We pride ourselves on getting the right materials, right sizes, and providing easy scheduling to fulfill all of your residential or commercial fencing needs.

In Which Direction Will My Gate Swing?

Most modern fencing and gates are set up to be able to swing in both directions.  This alleviates the need to choose if the gate should swing in or out of the areas they are providing access control or privacy to.

How Much Experience Does All Pro have?

All Pro Fence has been service the Phoenix Valley’s fencing needs for over 10 years.  We proudly provide the highest quality service, product, maintenance services, and repair.

Will My Dog Be Able To Dig Under?

The type of dog and the dog’s temperament will dictate how likely your dog is to try digging under your new fence.  If you know you’ve got a digger All Pro Fence can provide extra installation steps to provide a dog proof fence option for your home.

What Maintenance Will My Fence Need?

The maintenance your fence will need depends on the type of fencing you have installed.  Wood fencing does require some care from time to time while vinyl, chain link, and PVC are completely maintenance free!

Which Is The Cheapest Fencing?

Chain link fencing is the cheapest type of fencing.  Ornamental iron, wood, and PVC fencing are more visually attractive, but do cost more.

Is All Pro Insured and Licensed?

All Pro is licensed and carried liability insurance to provide each and every one of our customers the peace of mind they need to have all of their fencing needs taken care of.

Will My Gate Come With A Lock?

PVC and wood fences can be provided with locks, while chain link and vinyl fences do not come with a lock as a standard option.

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